Our hornless professional loudspeaker systems, featuring proprietary drivers, define a new standard for full-range concert touring, rental and contractor installation systems

take pride in the fact that we have been involved with Designing and Manufacturing Professional Concert Loudspeaker Systems for the Touring, Rental, Contractor and Pro-Audio community for well over 2 decades.

  • Ensuring exceptional results. Our Systems are proven for up to 500,000 Pax events.
  • Ease of operating for the operators.
  • System Engineer Training.
  • Long term profits for our clients. 
  • Rental Sound Systems Kept compatible with new Touring Products for over 20+ years...

Introducing the New CC8 Full Range Line Array


*Very High Efficiency and Accuracy.
*Full Frequency Range Live Performance Capability.
*Excellent Impulse Response at Max. SPL.
*Seamless integration with all CC Concert Series Systems.
*Full Frequency Range Location Effect Capabilities.
*Driven by Proprietary Rack Mount Amplifiers
*or NPPC Module which turns passive unit into Self Powered CC-8-A3
*with Integrated 24 Bit / 96 Khz DSP and Class D Amplification.
*Available as, or upgradable to Self Powered Master Version (CC-8-A3),
*Capable of driving 2 additional Passive units (CC-8-P3)
*Full Line Array Coupling from 80 Hz ~ 18 Khz ( Depending on Array Height)
*Minimal Phase Shift Over full Frequency Window
*High Grade Steel Flying System From .5 to 15 Degrees
*Seamless Rigging Integration with CC 215 Flying Directional Sub System
*Seamless Rigging Integration with CC 118 Flying Sub System
*High Grade Integrated Steel Flying System allows safe and quick Array
*Assembly with Angles From .5 to 15 Degrees between Cabinets
*Optionally Available as Weather Proof Version
*Available as KDA kit. - Patents Pending

Furthermore, our R&D and in house CNC manufacturing capabilities facilitate custom design for one-off projects.
In a minimum of time we turn your ideas and requirements into a product using cutting edge technologies.
Touring, Install, indoor, Outdoor, Self-powered or not, rugged to withstand intensive use or finished exclusively for you.

Contact us with your design goals and priorities.